Take Me

At 25-years of age I was unaware what a ‘take me’ moment was let alone realise that several had already passed me by. That was until I found myself swapping travel stories with Brett from Perth in a bar in Indonesia. Continue reading

The Long Wave Goodbye

I got my first surfboard on my 17th birthday, 12th May 1979. It wasn’t a custom made model but was what was called a ‘pop-out’ in those days. At 7-foot long, white with a long red arrow on the deck (presumably to indicate which was the front and the intended direction of travel!), it was the perfect present for a Londoner newly arrived to the wilds of North Cornwall. Continue reading

Mr Blue Sky


It was 3am in the morning and not a breath of wind stirred. As the shadow of the earth moved across the heavens the white crescent of the moon gradually disappeared and the sun’s rays turned the moon a deep, mysterious orange: a Hunters’ Moon. Continue reading