Life is short – live it! That’s why we decided to throw everything on its head, pack up the house, rent it, sell the car, leave work and get on a plane. There, you have the short story. On this blog you won’t find posts that follow a day by day account, this is not anecdotal writing. Instead, wander around a collection of short stories all themed around the people and the places we have bumped up against. So, if you’re interested in a wide variety of seemingly unconnected subjects ranging from Polynesian celestial navigation to surfing the world’s longest wave to volunteering in India to following the Mississippi Delta Blues Trail then you are in the right place.

As for us. We are David and Grace, two years into this fabulous journey which is as much about us as everything else: as we like to say “wherever we go, there we are”. Call it a modern walkabout, not focusing on any particular outcome but being very involved in the process. We travel, we volunteer, we seek out people from all walks of life and are also managing to tick off some major ‘bucket-list’ items. This lifestyle is not for everyone but if you have ever wondered about leaping out into the unknown then grab a glass of wine, make yourself comfortable and start at the beginning.

‘If you think adventure is dangerous you should try routine, it’s lethal’

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    • Namaste George, good to hear from you and glad to see you have found the blog. I never got round to writing more about you and ‘The Ghost’. That is now on a back-burner. We are now in the South Pacific and working on a plan to get more bang for our bucks! India gave me a goodbye present in the form of Gardia, a nasty little parasite. How’s life back in The Big Smoke?

      Take care out there,



  1. Hello David, great to hear from you mate. Sorry to hear about the Giardia Parasite…just read up on it…sounds nasty. Hope you’re ok now?
    Had a great time after the retreat in Sarnath first of all, then Varanasi with some others of “the silent gang” who I met up with at the Holi celebrations. As I said after the retreat, we wouldn’t get the effects of all that silence til we were back “in the real world”…so it was great the other day, to have some Herbert shouting abuse at me outside Leicester Square station and (without thinking) I treated him like an unwanted thought…followed my breathing and allowed the twat to bugger off! 😁 I’m sure the Buddha would have said it better! Lol.
    Give the lovely Grace a hug from me and hope you find “that wave” in Fiji.
    If you’re on Facebook look me up!


    • Hola Rene,

      Hope Easter Island was everything you wanted. Will check out the photos soon. We are in Juliaca near Lke Titicaca – jumped off the bs early to head off to a remote village. Peru continues very enjoyable. Hasta Luego amigo, david


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